Terms of reservation


In Hotel Janusz, reservations can be made personally, by phone or e-mail, or online at www.janusz.pl

Because of diverse preferences of our clients, we have prepared several types of reservations:

  1. Non-guaranteed reservation – it is cancelled if a Guest does not arrive before 16.00 on the day of arrival.
  2. Guaranteed reservation – valid an entire check-in/check-out time, regardless of the time of our guest’s arrival. The only condition is making payment in advance or giving the number and expiration date of your credit card.

Group reservation – it can be made via e-mail: janusz@janusz.plor getting in touch with our reception personally.

Check-in time is 14.00 on the day of arrival, and check-out time is 12.00 on the next day. In exceptional circumstances, there is an option of postponing the check-out time – after prior arrangement with the department of reservations or with the reception.

In order to obtain detailed information, please get in touch with the reception: tel.+ 48 25 6330666/67 or send an e-mail: janusz@janusz.pl

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